Thursday 29 November 2012

Lime and lentil soup

Lime and lentil soup a tad odd yes? It is, but surprisingly tasty! This is part of one of my recipes from the series: "Made from random stuff in my kitchen" and this one I must say turned out rather well! The rich earthy flavour of lentils and cumin is offset by the smooth sourness of the limes and the citrusy flavour of roasted coriander. These powerful flavours then go well with a whole mix of veggies and the slight tang provided by a touch of tomato! This is a good, out of the ordinary, easy and tasty soup, just the kind of thing you might want around for the snowy days that are just beginning, it even has the added benefit of clearing your sinuses!


-2 Yellow onions
-2 Bunches green onion 
-3 Cloves garlic 
-6 Carrots 
-1c Brown lentils
-½ tsp. Whole cumin seeds
-2 tsp Whole coriander seeds
-1 Lime zest and juice
-2 tbsp. tomato paste
-1 Large handful of spinach
-1 Cube vegetable broth
-~8 cups water
-1 tsp. Olive oil
-Salt and pepper to taste

1) Let lentils soak at least 1 hour before cooking, once ready boil for 20 minutes in 2 of the cups of water
2) Slice yellow onions and carrots, crush garlic, heat olive oil in the bottom of your soup pot, and add these vegetables, cook until onions have softened
3) While the vegetables cook, heat whole coriander and cumin until browned and fragrant, grind in a mortar and pestle, coffee grinder or with a glass bottle or rolling pin on a cutting board.
4) Add spices to vegetables alongside lime and mix thoroughly, add 4 cups of water to the mix as well as the tomato paste, salt, pepper and half the lime juice (Taste and add more if you like it, if you plan on serving it the day you prepare it, half a lime might be best, if it sits you can put the juice of the entire lime, it mellows overnight) as well as the broth cube.
5) Drain the lentils, reserving the liquid  in a bowl, add the lentils to the soup and lentil liquid to taste
5) Cook the soup to meld flavours at medium heat for at least 10 minutes before adding sliced green onions and spinach as well as the liquid the lentil's were boiled in and extra water to taste.


  1. Sounds delish!

    Would suggest soaking the lentils as long as possible though, as lentils contain the wonderful enzyme-inhibitor phytic acid, which lowers the body's absorption of key minerals and makes digestion difficult.

  2. Indeed, the longer the better!