Wednesday 20 February 2013

Young Rainbow Potato Salad with Bacon and Red Onion

Although I tend to associate potato salad with warm weather and picnics, last weekend saw me seized by an urge to make it. Assembled from tender baby potatoes and with a vinegar sauce typical of Bavaria and parts of France this recipe brought a touch of spring to an otherwise freezing cold day. I had been planning on posting a recipe for a chai tea concentrate but alas the sample bottle made an impromptu acquaintanceship with frozen pavement as I walked it over to my girlfriend Shannon's house. With that said, back to the potato salad! This salad is tender due to the potatoes but also has some lovely crunch from raw red onion and crispy bacon.

1/8c. Olive oil
4 Slices bacon
1 Clove garlic
1 Small yellow onion
½ of a large red onion, diced
2 lbs of Rainbow potatoes
½ tsp. Brown sugar
½ tsp. Salt
1/4c. Cider vinegar
1 pinch mustard powder
1 1/2tbsp. Dried parsley
¼ c. Chicken broth
2 tsp. Rice vinegar

1) Chop bacon into little bits and fry on medium heat until crispy, reserve one tablespoon of bacon grease, set aside
2) Chop yellow onion and garlic, fry with some oil on medium until soft and fragrant, set aside
3) Bring some water with a large pinch of salt to a rolling boil in a pot big enough for your potatoes. Clean them carefully and them for about 15 minutes

Make sure to wash the peels and leave them on, they're far too nice to lose!

4) While your potatoes boil, assemble all wet ingredients in a bowl or jar with the sugar, mustard and parsley, mix thoroughly
5) When potatoes are ready, strain and cut while hot (don't burn yourself!) into quarters as fast as possible piling them into a bowl, it is important to keep the potatoes hot so that they absorb the liquid
6) While still hot, pour liquids into the potatoes, season with salt and pepper, mix thoroughly with onion and garlic mixture, bacon and diced red onion

Serve as a side-dish, it goes swimmingly with some string beans and a delightful sausage:

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