Friday 1 February 2013

Posh Grilled Cheese with Oka, garlic and Apple

This is a simple one for all of you who've been nagging me for easier recipes, you know who you are! Accompanied by a tomato soup or a light salad with a glass of cranberry and lime this is a perfect lunch and is ready in minutes. So let's go guys, dress up the old gal and take her out, rework the classic in a new and delicious way. A bit of garlic with some Oka gives the grilled cheese the lovely flavour of cheese fondue, which when mixed with tart winter apples can be awfully addictive. This is a 100% local recipe made from (homemade) bread of Quebec milled flour, cold-stored apples, homegrown garlic and of course Oka cheese! If you don't have Oka cheese at your disposal any hard rind cheese with a strong taste should cut it. So cook up and enjoy!


-2 slices of white bread, preferably home-made but I won't shame you if you use store bought stuff (this time!)
- About 1/4 to 1/2 of an apple depending on how much you like apple and how big it is. Go for a tasty winter variety that is tart and hard. In fall I'd probably choose a Cortland!
-2 tsp butter
-4 slices of Oka cheese (to taste)
-Half of a small clove of garlic

1) Cut cheese and apples thinly, crush garlic into a paste, making sure it spread well.
2) Butter both sides of your slices of bread, if you need more butter, go ahead (still not judging)
3) On the inner side of a slice, spread the mashed garlic along the slice, cover with cheese and apple, close sandwich

4) Cook in high heat in a panini grill if you have one of on a pan to create a deliciously crunchy exterior, flip, do the other side and reduce heat to low for as long as needed to melt the cheese
5)Serve and enjoy!

Yup, I just posted a recipe for grilled cheese


  1. Very good!! quick and easy, which is always the best type of good food ;)

  2. I'm so glad you liked'em! Good comfort food with a twist! :D