Tuesday 12 February 2013

On Jars: Sustainability in the Modern Kitchen

Hey everyone! If you were looking for a recipe today, I'm terribly sorry to disappoint, but hopefully if you bear with me checking in might still be worth it! As you may have concluded from checking out the title (a product of too much academic work), today's post is about sustainability and packing a nice healthy homemade meal in a simple eco-friendly way. This is done all the while attempting not to blow piles of cash on snazzy lunch products targeting wealthy suburban soccer moms. So for my first post on sustainability, enter star number one, the vulgar mason jar. Although a bit heavy mason jars freeze pretty well and microwave with ease. Even better than this, they don't leak. They just don't. This is a big thing if you, like me, have spent a fair deal on different containers claiming (and lying through their teeth) to be "leak-proof". Oh! And the jars aren't full of bpa's, cancer and death (yay!). Ok, rant aside, jars come in a whole bunch of different sizes, can be found at your local hardware store, have easily replaceable caps and are in essence, aside from being heavier than plastic and breakable,  perfect containers!  So if you don't mind a bit of extra weight, and are careful enough to wrap/not assault your jars you're golden!

Aside from pasta, chili, salad, etc. one of the best portable meals I've thought of using jars for is the yogurt parfaits found here. All I do is grab some yogurt, some homemade fruit puree or even some dulce de leche!

Layer em, seal and refrigerate!

Oooooo a nitty gritty ugly flash photo of my fridge, how risqué! Oh by the way they stack too (if you didn't notice)

Bring some granola in a separate container tadaa! Perfect breakfast on the go!

Ok ok you don't need a tiny jar, plastic can be used here, I just had an adorable jar hanging around.

Hope this catches on and y'all don't take me for a (complete) looney!

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