Thursday 27 September 2012

Matt's English Cream

 This delicious topping has been taylor-made to our tastes by my brother Matt and accompanies the apple waffles previously posted. Decadent, creamy and rich, this thin custard is also a perfect accompaniment to crepes or just fruit. Its important to note however, that English Cream, like all custards is a very fragile critter and must be treated with caution, heat the custard too much and your eggs will curdle, not enough and it won't thicken. Remember, with custards, balance and preparation are key.

-1c. 10% cream (coffee cream)
-3 egg yolks
-1/2 tsp vanilla extract
3tbsp. sugar

1) Heat cream until warm in a pot.
2)Combine the sugar and yolks, don't let them sit too long as they will solidify.
3)Pour the cream mixture by the spoonful into the sugar and yolks, whisking constantly, as it thickens, add the rest of the liquid in a constant drizzle.
4)When all ingredients are combined, heat the liquid to about 78 degrees celsius, a double boiler can be useful here to maintain a constant temperature. If you have copper cookware, this is the time to use it.
5)Keep cream at this heat, whisking it until it reaches the desired consistency, it will cling to a wooden spoon in a nice coating.
6) Immediately remove from heat and pour into a room temperature container, straining it if necessary to remove any skin that may have formed. Add vanilla extract, keep stirring.

Your cream is now ready to serve!

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