Thursday 20 September 2012

Fresh Apple Juice

Nothing rivals, the taste of fresh pressed apple juice, nothing. If you've only ever had the chance to taste that clear yellow beverage that calls itself "juice" found in tetrapacks and resembling waste liquids, then you're in for a surprise! Love apples but hate apple juice? It's probably because you aren't drinking the good stuff! The good stuff is preservative free, a rich hue of brownish red (caused by oxidization) and tastes like an orchard that jumped into a food processor. If you have a juicer or some sort of fruit press, I recommend going out and getting some apples asap! If you aren't one of these lucky people, you can always do what I did, use a food processor. Now I wouldn't do this every day, as it took about 2 hour for me to produce 6-8 liters of juice, but that was partially because my food processor is older than me and kept jamming/overheating. Seriously though? Once a season its totally worth it!

-40 lbs of deer apples (bruised, beaten and ugly fallen apples, mine cost me 5 bucks)

1) Fill a large sink (or the bottom of a bath tub) with hot war, adding dish soap and mixing until frothy. Dump you apples into it and vigorously.
2) Rinse twice and leave to air dry
3)Remove all bugs/bites/bad bruises from your apples (if using deer apples)
4)Core the apples (I did anyway, apparently its not necessary for making juice but it didn't seem nice to the geriatric food processor to feed it cores)
5) Feed the apples to the processor collecting the pulp in your biggest bowl (you might need many) and then wrapping with cloth (you can use an old CLEAN t shirt) and putting it in a colander over a bowl to drip as you process the rest of the apples.
6)Once you've done grating all of the apples and wrapping the pulp, squeeze your apple bundles into your colanders to squeeze the juice out into the bowls.
7)Collect all the juice in a clean container, the pulp from the apples which is mostly dehydrated should now be apple to fit into 1-2 colanders all at once.
8) Leave these colanders overnig, over bowls or pots with a heavy wieght pressing down on them
9) The next morning, collect all your juice and pasteurize it, heating it at to 75 degrees celsius for at least 15 seconds (that's what the internet told me to do and I was fine, I take no responsibility if it doesn't work and you get some strange heat resistant apple disease)
10) Cool juice and store in very clean or sterilized containers in fridge

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