Sunday 15 July 2012

Lemon Bean Salad

Bean salad is a light and tasty lunch filler that has the important quality of also being a great source of good vegetarian protein. As someone who has been trying to exercise a lot all the while limiting my animal protein intake, bean salad has become an important source of protein for me. This simple recipe was once again inspired by my friend Lea, I just put a bit of a twist to it!

540ml. can of lentils (you can also use fresh legumes or rehydrated ones, I use canned by convenience)
540 ml. can of kidney beans
540ml can of chickpeas
Heaping 1/2c. densely packed fresh parsley
Zest of a lemon
5 sizeable green onions
1/3c. light olive or canola oil
1/3c. white sugar
Juice of half a lemon
2 Sweet peppers (Yellow, orange or red)
4 tbsp. Red wine vinegar
4tbsp. White vinegar
Salt/Pepper to taste

1)In a large bowl, drain and combine the three cans of legumes.
2)Chop the parsley, peppers and green onions into small pieces mixing them into the beans with the lemon zest
3)Mix the sugar and acids (lemon juice and vinegars) mixing vigorously to dissolve the sugar, don't hesitate to warm it slightly if necessary.
4)Once the sugar has been disolved, add the oil to the liquids, shake or mix until mostly homogenous, add to the bean salad.
5)Mix and serve!

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