Saturday 18 January 2014

Ritz Breakfast Eggnog

This tasty eggnog is as simple as it is healthy. Smooth textured with a light hint of citrus, this recipe shows us that simplicity and luxury are not always exclusive. I stumbled across the recipe in the "Ritz Book of Breakfasts" while doing some research and I absolutely had to try it, lo' and behold, I'm hooked! It's tasty, healthy and absolutely delicious, loaded with protein and fruit and fiber, good stuff to start the day with and perfect before heading out to the gym or for a run. Do watch out though, the recipe includes a raw egg so partake at your own risk, pasteurized eggs are available at some grocery stores otherwise Health Canada warns against normal raw eggs. I wash the shell and eat them anyway, but that's me and I'll not be responsible for anyone's salmonella poisoning! I've heard of coddling the egg before blending, kinda like a lightly boiled egg but have yet to try it. Anyway, raw egg or no, so far I'm still kicking, disclaimer over, you've been warned! Back to the recipe: the original ingredients are written out and some modernizing changes that I've thrown in are on the side in brackets. So step into your bathrobe, grab some posh slippers and sip a Ritz breakfast eggnog, enjoy!

-Juice of one orange (I tend to put two sometimes and always include the pulp, if using two, feel free to cut the honey by half)
 -1 banana
-1 egg
-200 ml milk (often soy milk in my case due to my love hate relationship with lactose)
-1 tsp honey
-1 tsp wheat germ (I tend to swap it out for 1-2 tsp. ground flax)

Break the egg into a blender, combine all the ingredients and give a good pulse. Turn up to high and let it go for thirty seconds or so until it's tawny and frothy. Pour and enjoy, the Ritz recommends sipping slowly due to the high density of nutrients (or something).


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