Friday 28 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Hello there everyone! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season/ Christmas. Although I must apologize for the late post (blame the flu!) I'm hoping I can make up for it with a few photos of Christmas joy! It was busy busy so the photos aren't the best but I promise to do better next year. It was absolutely fantastic to have most of the family home and to be able to enjoy a hearty brunch together. As with every year, we gave each other all sorts of fun, useful and strange gifts so expect some new cooking tools folks! With that being said, best wishes everyone, hope your Christmas was lovely and I'll be sure to have some new recipes up for New Years!

Café au lait, the best way to start the morning...

certainly when followed by mimosas!

Some fresh mini-Panettone made for a lovely accompaniment to the traditional eggs and bacon...

Throw in some fresh fruit, brioche, homemade jam...

And a few sinful munchies as a snack!

And we were ready to face the gift pile!

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