Sunday 17 June 2012

Lentil Hummus

In recent years, in an effort to improve my eating habits I've come to adopt a diet heavier in fruit, vegetables and grains. Although my absolute love of animal products (Read cheese and anything off a pig) has prevented me from making the leap to full-fledged vegetarianism I still attempt to drastically reuce my consumption of animal proteins in all forms. However, this lack of protein as well as my reluctance to simply replace everything with soy left me in a nasty bind lacking protein in a bad way. The search for quick, affordable, tasty and lean sources of protein has led me to spawning a few different recipes chief amongst these recently has been lentil hummus. This recipe is simple, tasty and makes an excellent summer dip to be shared with friends or packed into a lunch with some veggies! Anywho, I've puttered on enough, here's the recipe, hope you enjoy it!

-1c. dried brown or orange lentils
-3 small onions
-1 large clove garlic
-1/2 tsp. salt
-1/4 c olive oil+1tsp.

1) Cook lentils until thoroughly softened
2) Peel, crush and let garlic sit while you slice onions
3)Cook the onions, the garlic and the tsp. of oil until soft and browned, let cool.
4) Pulse all ingredients slowly in a food processor while slowly drizzling oil in as needed. Feel free to add anoth 1/4c. of oil or so to the mix for a smoother result than the one pictured.

This recipe is made to serve as a basic template for hummus, to add some umph to the recipe I reccomend a few alternative seasoning combinations:
-sundried tomatoes and basil
-cilantro and lime juice
-parsley and lemon
-raisins and cumin
-garlic and chilis

Or just experiment yourself!